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Can't decide between
aero and super-light climbing bike?

Now you don't need to...

The Ostro VAM creates the perfect option for the sprinter who want an aero bike without a weight penalty. For the climber, it is a super-light bike with aerodynamic advantages. The Ostro VAM does it all in one bike.


The new Ostro VAM combines the best of Factor’s renowned engineering capabilities across lightweight, aerodynamics and comfort into one bike that’s ready for anything.

The OSTRO is an ‘everything’ bike, a master of all trades. Fast, incredibly light and comfortable, it is ready to win sprints, mountain stages and cobbled Classics. If you’re the sort of rider who races with ‘the knife between your teeth’ no matter the parcours, this is the bike you’ve been waiting for. When we say you can have it all, we mean it.


780g for a painted frame in size 54 Flicker design, achieved through Factor’s industry-leading carbon fibre expertise and mass-optimised aero profiles.

Wide Stance Forks

Optimises aerodynamics by widening the gap between the fork legs and the spokes, reducing the turbulence caused by the forward rotating spokes meeting incoming airflow, and gives clearance for a 32mm tire


Geometry & Fit

Identical geometry to the O2 and O2 VAM. Consistent geometry makes it easy for our pro riders to switch bikes and for our customers to choose based on their riding.

Fully Internal Cables

Drawing on technology from the new O2 VAM, the Ostro VAM routes all of its cables 100% internally.


High Frame Stiffness

The Ostro VAM achieves exceptionally high frame stiffness for the category by using truncated airfoil profiles, resulting in stiffness levels at or above that of the O2.

T47 Threaded BB

Used for the first time in a Factor, the T47a standard ensures a secure fit and easy maintenance.


New Seatpost

Mid-depth profile seatpost balances weight and aero, available in Zero and 25mm offset options.


The Factor Ostro is the best bike I have ever ridden.

Alex Dowsett, UCI WorldTour Rider.

This is a sporty bike that changes direction with minimal input just like a good race bike should.